Babel and the Big Lie

9 02 2015

tower of babel

We know the Tower of Babel as a strange and somewhat absurd attempt of mankind to trespass into the realm of heaven. It was just that, but not in the way you might expect. They were not intruding into heaven, as if to enter heaven by means of a tower. They were intruding into the realm of God, by establishing a new religion. Nimrod started the first humanly originated religion. He did so to give mankind a different option. He intended that humans worship something other than the Sovereign Lord of the universe.

The Bible teaches that all human religion started at Babel. That is why Babel will be destroyed in the future as recorded in the Book of Revelation. First the Lord destroys “religious Babel” (Rev. 17) then “economic Babel” ( Rev. 18). The are simply two streams of religious consciousness that find their roots in the original tower. It matters little, whether one worships with strong “spiritual” trappings, or whether one worships at the altar of materialism and money. The system established by Nimrod gave mankind something to believe in and it gave them a sense of security. They were going to make a name for themselves. They were going to be secure and famous.

In Revelation, Babel is contrasted with the New Jerusalem. It is the “city of man” contrasted with the city of God”. It is the whore instead of the Bride. Christ is preparing for us a city of much greater beauty. His city (New Jerusalem) is hundreds of miles taller that the Tower of Babel. It is noteworthy, the first city built after the fall was a city built by Cain. Then the first city built after the flood was built by Nimrod. When Nimrod began building the tower of Babel, it’s evil intent was so significant that the Lord stepped into history and crushed the rebellion. He did so before it could run it’s full course and merit another complete destruction, similar to the flood.

What was the Big Lie?

Rather than tell his followers that there is no god, Nimrod provided substitute gods for the people. They would be occupied with worshiping one of many gods and forget to think about the ultimate reality of a universal, sovereign God. All of the early great civilizations: Sumer, Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Canaan, later on Greece, etc all worshiped the same gods. They had different names but they were, in fact, the same deities. How could they all have the same gods? They simply brought with them the gods they knew at the tower of Babel. They would be given different names, but they were the same gods they worshiped at Babel.

Babel, Evolution and Darwinism

What Nimrod established at Babel was a “bait and switch” answer to origins. Where did everything come from. Instead of explaining where the universe came from, he taught that the gods came out of the primordial ooze. They were all gods of nature. They came out of the soup. We learn such details from The Epic of Gilgamish and “Enuma Elish”, early Babylonian stories. It was like telling a child who asked “where did I come from”, “we found you in the pumpkin patch”. It satisfies their curiosity and causes them to forget the obvious question: “and where did the pumpkin come from?”. Notice how similar it is to modern evolution. The first animals crawled onto land and evolved into higher land animals, then up the chain all the way to monkeys and then to mankind walking upright. The one question they cannot answer at all is “where did the ooze come from?”. Whatever cheap answer they give, the question remains, “where did that come from?”. Any thinking person should ask: “where did the “Big Bang” come from. And where did the small molecule that exploded into everything come from. And where did the space come from which housed the big bang. There is no answer. Seldom are these questions asked because the conscience is mollified with false temporary answers.

So really, modern evolution is simply a restatement of an old lie, the same old lie. You were not created directly by the Ultimate Sovereign God. There is no ultimate Being. You are not accountable because you are the product a watery ooze rather than a sovereign God. Evolution, just like all false religions find their roots in the Tower of Babel.

It is wonderful to know that we as Believers have the Old, Old Story of Jesus and His love rather than an old, old lie going back to Babel.



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