Do you stop and think?

23 06 2010

     In the Book of  Haggai, the Lord calls the people to “consider their ways”.   Work had stopped on rebuilding the temple.   They had fallen prey to opposition and discouragement.  They had actually begun to blame God for their troubles.  They said “now is not the time”.  What they were really saying is that now is not really a good time.  The Lord is not really blessing right now.   He is not in it.    Haggai gives the Lord’s response.  God says “what are you thinking?”.  I raised up Cyrus and gave him control over the world, just so he could send you home and rebuild.  What they need to do now is “Consider their ways”. 

     The Hebrew behind the phrase “consider your ways”  is loaded.  It reads “set your heart on your ways”.  God encourages them to take a focused, determined, fixed examination of their ways.  Clear out the clutter and think about your life.  Be brutally honest with yourself.  Are you really living the kind of life you know you should.  What corrections should be made before you stand before the Lord.  What activities do you really know you ought to forsake or start?

     The answer is found in the location of your search.  God wants you to look at your “ways”.  One’s ways do not refer to the places you go or the actions you take.  “Ways” refers to the character traits of your life which are behind your actions.  Your ways are the inclinations of the soul that results in actions.

     When is the last time you have really looked at the inclinations of the heart?  It was why Israel ceased to build God’s temple and it is why you do what you do.  

     You have my prayers as you begin to peel back the layers and “set your heart on your ways”.



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