Has the Tiger roared?

14 12 2009

I really hesitate to even mention Tiger Woods.  It is so awful.  It is defiling just to hear of the sordid details, which never seem to stop.  But I knew we as a culture were in big trouble when I heard the latest debates concerning Tiger.  Should his sponsors dump him?  Would he be a positive or negative for their products?  Most are taking a “wait and see” attitude.  They want to know how outraged the American consumer actually is.  Sadly, it seems their wait may be vindicated.  Polls show that way over 40% still have a favorable opinion of Woods.  Where do these people come from?  I suspect that many are just jealous and wish they had that kind of money to waste on women who sell themselves.   Folks, we are in trouble. 

Check out Larry Anderson’s views on this topic at American Thinker



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