And the winner is…

12 12 2009

Charles Darwin,

Yep,  Darwin is quickly becoming the most influential force driving our world and culture.  “Darwin’s answer” is the engine that is driving much that is crazy in this world.  Through his theory, he answered the most basic questions of life: 

Where did I come from?,   Why am I here?,  Where am I going? 

If you realize that many people believe the answers are “from nowhere”,     “for no reason”,     or to “no place”,    then you begin to understand what is driving politics, climate change, entertainment, investment and family structures.

We have lived in the long shadow of Augustine for a long time.  He taught that we live to glorify and find our satisfaction in God.  But, sadly,  the sun has perhaps already set on that worldview.  Darwin gave a different answer.  Since we come from nowhere, live for no reason and are going nowhere, then man’s ultimate goal is personal survival.   It is me against the elements and me against you.     It is no more blatantly obvious than in the life of Al Gore.  He is making millions trying to convince everyone else to stop living.  

Calvin followed and relit Augustine’s worldview:  We were created by God, for God’s glory and we are going to answer to Him one day for what we have done in this world and more importantly we are going to answer for what we have done about His Son.  You see God loves his Son and wants you to love Him too.  It is the crime of the century to not love him also.  O by the way, God will also treat you as His son if you repent and receive His salvation.



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