The two most influential men in 1000 years

10 12 2009

Doug Philips of Vision Forum stated that there are two men who stand head and shoulders above the rest in the last 1000 years.   I’ll give you the first today and the other tomorrow.  

Today’s winner:  John Calvin,  

You might be surprised to hear this especially if you believe the myths that have been perpetuated about him. 

‘If the average American citizen were asked, who was the founder of America, the true author of our great Republic, he might be puzzled to answer. We can imagine his amazement at hearing the answer given to this question by the famous German historian, Ranke, one of the profoundest scholars of modern times. Says Ranke, ‘John Calvin was the virtual founder of America.”  

Dr. E. W. Smith says, ‘These revolutionary principles of republican liberty and self-government, taught and embodied in the system of Calvin, were brought to America, and in this new land where they have borne so mighty a harvest were planted, by whose hands? – the hands of the Calvinists. 
 That is quite an accomplishment for one man.     

He didn’t become famous until he was 30. He had only 24 years of productivity. He died of over work. He left 58 large vols.,… .  As he lay in bed dying, he was still dictating his commentary on Joshua.  Beza urged him to rest. Calvin said, “Would you have the Lord to find me idle?” He suffered from terrible headaches, kidney stones, and malaria-like fever. The 16th-century doctors recommended to go horseback riding! Calvin writes a pathetic letter. He can’t sit on a horse for his bad hemorrhoids.

But what about the stories?  They are mainly told by enemies of God’s sovereignty.  No doubt you’ve heard the one about killing Servetus.

Calvin murdered Miguel Servetus. Wrong. To be sure Calvin did “rat him out” but only after the former showed up in Geneva, despite Calvin’s warning of what the civil authorities would do to him and then Servetus appeared in church.   
It was the 16th-century. … It was a crime against the civil code in most European cities and Geneva was no exception. If the Protestant cities had not treated heresy as a civil crime, the Roman authorities would have accused them of giving hospitality to heretics. They were condemned if they did and condemned if they didn’t.  
Let us praise God for the faithful work of John Calvin.   
Any guesses about the other man????  





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