Changing gender? Really?

13 06 2009

Did you hear the parable about the dog who wanted to be a cat? He decided since he liked cat food, he would change his name, learn to meow and have his ears cropped. For a while everyone went along with his silliness and treated him like a cat. That is, until the day he met the dog catcher. In an instant he said, “You may sound funny, have strange appetites and have clipped ears but you’re a dog, so let’s go down town.”

Sadly, Chastity Bono, 40-year-old daughter of Cher and the late Sonny Bono could learn something by reflecting on our story. She has decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery. But the truth is, the doctors cannot change who she is. They can only make her lie more believable.  Gender cannot be changed.   Only if they could insert “Y” chromosomes in every cell or rip them out from every cell in the body could they even make the claim to change someone’s gender. 

Please understand, I mean no ill will towards Chastity. I pray for her soul, as her choices demonstrate clearly that she has no part in eternal life (1 Cor. 6.9, 10; Gal. 5.19-21; Rev. 22.15). I am also angry at those who have lied to her and convinced her to seek to undo what God has created her to be. But that is always the way it is. Homosexuality is always an attack on God and His image reflected in men and women who live to honor Him with their lives.



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