God and the Moabs of this world

29 05 2009

     Many people ask whether America is discussed in the Bible. The standard answer is no, not really. But we can be sure from Scripture that God does deal with nations. One powerful example is found in the book of Amos. In the beginning of his book he condemns 7 nations surrounding Israel. His “entrapment” diatribe shows the standards by which God deals with the Moabs and Edoms of this world. Seven times Amos repeats the phrase, “for three transgressions and for four”, which means they have more than enough. Their transgressions are overflowing like trying to put 4 cups of water in a 3 cup bowl.

     Here are the reasons Amos lists to show why God is upset and will  judge the nations of this world:

  • for plundering weaker nations,
  • for breaking peace treaties,
  • for failing to help fugitives,
  • for taking advantage and enslaving fugitives,
  • for killing the innocent,
  • for harsh vengeance on conquered peoples.

     While I don’t think America is guilty of all of these, she certainly is guilty of some.   As Amos said, “can two walk together unless they be agreed”.   I think we need to pray that our country might begin to see things God’s way and walk with Him before the other shoe drops.



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